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Bible Prophecy Foundation Details correct at time of posting Global Crises in Bible Prophecy

This book is written for non-specialists in Bible prophecy, who are worried about the global situation and who are keen to find out what the Bible really says about the future. People who do not believe in God have every reason to be fearful. Almost every environmentalist and climatologist warns us of catastrophes ahead if we do not take immediate remedial action, and perhaps even if we do take such action, thanks to pollution and exhaustion of limited resources. People who do believe in God, but have not yet made their peace with Him, have at least as many reasons to be fearful. People who do believe in God, and have made their peace with Him through having trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, have no need to fear for themselves, though they may well fear for unbelieving family members and friends. The Bible gives God’s outline for the present and the future. The present age is due to end soon; we have been graciously given convincing and authoritative signs, such as the sources of terror which we are now experiencing, A golden age is to come too before the end of this old world; but between the present and that age are to be a few years of tribulation and challenge, which Jesus called the Days of Vengeance. Violence, wars, famines, pandemics and earthquakes, all on an unprecedented scale, are all foretold. What we see now are only warning signs. Believers are to be preserved from this in a thrilling way. Donald Cameron is one of the minority of mainstream Christians who take these matters seriously, using the Bible as the only authority. He follows the principle that if the plain sense makes sense we should seek no other sense. This is his thirteenth book and one of the two shortest. He and his wife live in Selkirkshire in the Scottish Borders.

Author: Donald C B Cameron SKU: 9781908618252 Ritchie Christian Media £7.99 + p & p