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Bible Prophecy
Difficult Questions answered 
Could Jesus return at any moment.doc
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Will the Church go through the Tribulation?
Question 2.doc Does the use of the term “the last trump” in 1Corinthians 15 not indicate that
the rapture of believers will occur at the sounding of the seventh trumpet of 
Revelation 10 and therefore mean that the Rapture will be Post-Tribulational?
Question 3.doc Is Matthew 24:31-32 about the Rapture?
QUESTION 4a.doc QUESTION 5 b.doc Does the prophecy in Isaiah 17:1 about the ultimate destruction of Damascus
Refer to the outcome of the present Syrian civil war?
QUESTIO1 6C.doc Is the idea that Jesus is coming for believers to take them to Heaven, rather than letting 
them face a time of testing on earth, not just a form of wishful escapism?

QUESTION 7.doc Who or what is the antichrist?
QUESTION 8  Who or what is the Antichrist.doc Is the Millennium really a future 1,000 years of peace and justice?
Who is the woman of Revelation Chapter 12?
Question 9.doc QUESTION 10.doc Are the unsaved going to be resurrected?
If the Lord Jesus Christ is going to return soon, why are so few churches telling us?

QUESTION 11 Are the unsaved going to be resurrected.doc QUESTION 12.doc Why, when the Creeds say so little about Christ’s Return, do you make so much 
of it?
Question 13.doc Why on the Day of Pentecost did Peter talk of the sun being turned to darkness and the 
moon to blood, when that did not happen? Does this not prove exaggeration in the Bible?

Question 14.doc