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News concerning Israel - May 2019
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The beginning of May bought panic once again to the people of Israel as they rushed for the bomb shelters to avoid the nearly 700 Hamas rockets that were fired into Israel. Lives were lost and buildings destroyed as Hamas targeted civilians.

The Israeli response was, as usual, measured and targeted at the terrorists. But what does the media report? That Israel had murdered a woman and her child!

The truth, when it came out, was that a stray HAMAS rocket killed them....but no retraction in the media.

We congratulate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his continuation of his premiership and a record 5th term in office.

One of the first things the PM plans to do is annex the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). In order to accomplish this he has to face a large problem - what to do with the 4.5 million Palestinians that live there. The so called 2 state solution that most of the international community prefers has hit a number of problems recently, one being President Trumps decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, another is the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

The PM has also revealed that Jerusalem is in talks with six Arab and Muslim countries that until recently were hostile to Israel.

He called this a process of "accelerated normalisation", much of which is taking place outside of the publics eye. He was speaking at Mount Herzl at the annual memorial ceremony for Levi Eshkol, Israel's prime minister during the six-day war. He said Eshkol faced a great test as a leader "in that agonisingly tense period leading up to the war in June, 1967, when Israel's neighbours were loudly beating war drums and threatening Israel's annihilation".

Israel -  On Thursday, 2nd May Israel came to a standstill for a 2 minute remembrance of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Pedestrians stood in silence, traffic stopped with their drivers standing beside their vehicles whilst the sirens sounded. A wreath laying ceremony also took place at Yad Vashem with Israeli leaders and holocaust survivors in attendance.

Israel will keep its air superiority in the Middle East following Washington's decision to stop the delivery of equipment related to the F-35 stealth fighter jet to Turkey. This is due to Ankora's decision to purchase the Russian made S-400 air defence system.

Israel, according to reports, has already tested ways to defeat the advanced Russian-air defence system by participating in several joint drills over Crete which has enabled them to gather data on how to blind or fool the advanced system.

Caves on the outskirts of the city of Jericho have been reportedly looted by the Arab residents of the city. Human bones and remains were found strewn all over the catacombs due to the burial sites being ransacked and looted. Burial caskets that were believed to have been from the Second Temple era have disappeared.

More than 2 million Israelis are reported to be either unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated against measles. There has been an outbreak of measles in the country and the health ministry has not the vaccine doses to cope. Jerusalem has the largest amount of unvaccinated people.

Ukraine - The Ukraine, where some of history's worst attacks on Jews happened - now have a Jewish president.

Volodymyr Zelensky won a landslide victory in the country which already has a Jewish prime minister. The Ukraine is the first country outside of Israel to have  a president and PM that are Jewish. Zelensky a TV comedian aged 41, garnered a massive 73% of the votes. It is reported that he has a sentimental attachment to Israel and there are hopes that he will help to move Ukraine's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Britain's new ambassador to the Ukraine, Melinda Simmons is also returning to her roots. She is a member of London's Finchley Reform Synagogue and had requested to be posted to a country with a Jewish community.

France - We all saw the scenes on our TV's as Notre Dame was devastated by a mysterious fire. But within the building were Jewish treasures. Above the main doorway is an 800 year old frieze showing Jewish wedding guests, dressed in long robes and tall pointed hats. The rabbi conducting the ceremony is wrapped in a tallit. Nearby there was a ark containing the Torah, a pile of books and a Ner Tamid - the lamp that remains eternally lit in synagogues.

It is not known if these items were damaged. One Charedi website has said that the fire ravaged the building because of 'idol worship' that took place there. The JDN website inferred that the fire was divine justice.

Palestinian Authority - The PA is facing imminent financial collapse over its refusal on principle to accept any tax revenues from Israel, and its dire call for help to the Arab world is mostly going unheeded. If financial aid is not forthcoming it is likely to collapse due to the issue over the Israeli decision to withhold the sum of money that the PA gives monthly to terrorists in Israeli jails and their family members.

The PA feels so strongly about continuing the payments to the people it looks upon as martyrs that it is willing to face financial collapse.

Romania - Romania is to become the latest country to move its embassy to Jerusalem. The move was announced by Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila at an annual American Israel Public Affaires Committee conference at the end of March. Dancila received a standing ovation and said she "admired" President Donald Trump for moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv.

Before the Romanian announcement, Honduras president Juan Orland Hernandez said his country would 'immediately' open its diplomatic mission in Jerusalem.

Pray for the IDF and IAF as they defend the boarders and continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Every blessing, Maranatha.