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News from Israel - April 2018
Supporting Israel

The vultures are gathering and encircling Israel once again in order to condemn Israel's actions on the Gaza border.

GAZA BORDER - In 'peaceful' demonstrations the Palestinians have used children as shields, burnt tyres, thrown rocks and hurled Molotov cocktails and shot at the IDF and Pallywood was out filming to fool the world. They have even placed on-line how to make home made fire bombs.

In defending its civilians, Israel has killed at least 9 people (at time of writing) and injured many more. But of those killed, Hamas has accepted that 5 belonged to their own military wing. But this 'Peace March' has been nothing more than an attempt to infiltrate Israel and distract from Hamas' terrorist activities.

Turkey's President Erdogan called it an 'inhumane response' and a 'massacre'.

Hamas, who is behind this, orchestrating every detail is nothing more than a terrorist organisation that uses a Human shields policy to deflect from the fact that it is to blame for the Palestinians suffering by using the billions of dollars of aid money, meant fro food, education and infrastructure for the Palestinian people, to build terror tunnels and buy missiles.

In March alone, 23 Palestinians were killed in Syria and 3685 Palestinian Arabs have been killed in Syria since the civil war stated there 7 years ago, yet the world is silent.

ISRAELI TECHNOLOGY - Despite all the violence and unrest, Israel is once again set to 'bless' the world. Israeli researchers have created technology that will enable our computers, text messages, and phone calls to run 100 times faster through terahertz microchips, reports Rebecca Stadien Amir (Israel 21C). Until now the major challenges that stood in the way of creating these microchips was overheating and scalability. But following 3 years of research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Physicist Uriel Levy and his team have shown proof of concept using flash memory technology.

"This discovery could help fill the 'THz gap' and create new and more powerful wireless devices that could transmit data at significantly higher speeds than currently possible" said Levy.

ROMAN ABRAMOVICH - Billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich of Russian-Jewish descent has donated £14 million to fund a cutting edge research centre for nuclear medicine at an Israeli hospital. The gift is for the Sheba Medical Centre at Tel Hashomer, Tel Aviv.

Nuclear medicine can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of a range of diseases including heart disease, cancers, strokes and Alzheimer's.

Abramovich has donated a total of £41 million to projects at Sheba.

UN - UNESCO, the United Nations Organisation for Education, Science and Culture is expected to pass a resolution that has been described as "most extreme" on Jerusalem ever proposed. Entitled  "Occupied Palestine" is sponsored by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan, it is due to be voted on, on 11th April.

The draft which will be voted on at the Executive Board's 204th session in Paris, "enhances the dangerous politicization (of UNESCO) and brings it to its climax by recycling, copying, pasting and reaffirming all offensive previous resolutions" stated  Shama Hacohen, Israel's Ambassador to UNESCO.

AXIS OF EZEKIEL? - The Presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran held a historic summit on Syria in Ankara on April 4th 2018. Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani met following a meeting between Putin and Erdogan the previous day which centered on expediting the delivery of its S-400 missile defence system, as well as the groundbreaking for Turkey's first nuclear power plant, which is being built by Russia's Rosatom.

Israel's Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, criticised the summit, stating "This is the first time since the second world war that a meeting like this was held without the approval of the UN"

God's plans are certainly unfolding quickly. The return of our Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ is near.

PRINCE WILLIAM - Prince William is to visit Israel. This is the first ever Royal official visit. PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated "This is a historic visit - the first of its kind - and he will be welcomed here with great affection". Kensington Palace, in an attempt to be even-handed announced that Prince William will also travel to Jordan and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Judea & Samaria).

US EMBASSY MOVE - On May 14th the US Embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel. The move will be in stages and will initially by housed in the American Consulate building until a permanent building can be found. This move coincides with Israel's 70th Anniversary.

Other Nations have already started to follow the USA's lead, Guatemala has stated it will move its embassy 48 hours after the USA.

PEACE PLAN - Back in March the "peace plan" was having its final touches put in place by Washington. But since then we have heard nothing. It is believed that there will not be a call for a two-state solution, nor does it call for a "fair and just solution" for Palestinian refugees, though the plan will offer suggestions on both points.

The sticking point appears to be how the US roles out the plan so that it is not received as 'dead in the water'. We will have to wait and see.

SCOTLAND - Three recent incidents have Jews fearing for the future of the Jewish community North of the border in Scotland. An anti-racism rally in Glasgow saw Israel supporters verbally abused by thugs with their faces covered. Members of two Jewish groups took part in the rally despite calls for them to be barred. Then death threats were made to the Director of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, Ephraim Borowski following the conviction of Mark Meechan for teaching his girlfriend's pug to give a Nazi salute when he shouted "gas the Jews" and "Sieg Heil". A debate on "This House Believes that Israel is not an Apartheid State" was cancelled after no one would debate with famed anti-Semitism researcher David Collier.

UK - Britain is unhappy with the wording of Israel's condemnation of the nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, which failed to mention Russia.. or even the incident. "We expect strong statements of support from all our close partners, Israel included," the British Embassy said. On the other hand Russia praised Israel for not being drawn into "a hysterical anti-Russian campaign" following the poisoning.

As more information comes out about the nerve agent attack, it seems that it may have been very prudent on Israel that it reacted in the way it did and perhaps the UK needs to understand that if it wants support from its close allies, then it too needs to support them at the UN....just saying!

With all that is going on around the news at the moment let us not forget that God Almighty is in complete control and HE alone is moving the nations to bring about HIS plan.

Keep praying for Israel, for the peace of Jerusalem and for the salvation of the Jewish people.



PS - Although David has stepped down from bring this article to you, he would like you to know that he is still FULLY COMMITTED to the work in the Philippines.