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News from Israel - August 2018
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You would think that everything was peaceful and quiet in the Land of Israel, as there has been nothing reported in the news recently!

Well nothing that is, apart from the fact that Israeli jets killed a woman and child in a Gaza bombing raid.

Such is the media bias against Israel that they failed to report that Israel was attacking ‘terrorist’ positions in Gaza because they had fired around 150 rockets into civilian neighbourhoods in Israel when these deaths regrettably occurred.

They failed to report that over 70 Israelis had been hurt in the attacks.

Over the past few weeks the media has failed to report on the continuing kite attacks that have caused such devastation of the land on the borders with Gaza. They have failed to report that once again Israel was the first to offer help to Greece during the tragic wild fires recently. They failed to report that it was Israeli technology that helped to rescue the boys in Thailand trapped in the caves.

Israel is under attack on at least three fronts at the moment – Gaza, Syria and the Golan Heights. Yet despite all the provocation against it, Israel still acts in defence only, and proportionate in that defence.

Despite all this, Israel continues to be a blessing to the world with its cutting edge technology and medical breakthroughs.

The Knesset approved a controversial piece of legislation in July that defines the country as an exclusively Jewish State. Critics slammed it as the “nail in the coffin” of Israeli democracy.

The nation-state bill establishes Israel as the historic home of the Jewish people with a united Jerusalem as its capital.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu called its passage a “historic moment in the history of the State of Israel”

UK – Recently all three of the main Jewish newspapers, the Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Telegraph and the Jewish News, took the unprecedented step of publishing the same front page. They did so because of the existential threat to Jewish life in the UK that would be posed by a Jeremy Corbyn led Government.

The Labour party has diluted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of antisemitism which provoked Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge to call her leader an anti-Semite to his face.

Under its adapted guidelines, a Labour party member is free to claim that Israel’s existence is a racist endeavour and compare Israeli policies to those of Nazi Germany, unless “intent” - whatever that means – can be proven.

“Dirty Jew” is wrong, but “Zionist bitch” is fair game! In so doing they make a distinction between racial antisemitism targeting Jews (unacceptable) and political antisemitism targeting Israel (acceptable).

On September 5th, Labour MPs will vote on an emergency motion, calling for the party to adopt the FULL IHRA definition into its rule book. If it doesn’t, it will be seen by all decent people as a racist, anti-Semitic party.

With the Government in Brexit meltdown and calls for PM Theresa May to step down there is a real chance that a General Election could be just around the corner. I shudder at the thought of a Corbyn led Government.

Syria – Recently the well known “White Helmets”, an organisation set up to rescue people from the war zones of Syria,, had to be rescued themselves. Around 400 White Helmets and their families were evacuated from near the border by the IDF

due to an immediate threat to their lives from Syrian forces, who look upon them as terrorists.

Israel received a request for help from POTUS and other leaders.

Although the White Helmets expressed their gratitude to the IDF as they were helped onto buses, statements released by them and others from Jordan, failed to acknowledge Israel’s involvement in their rescue.

Austria – Outrage has been caused in Austria over a plan by the far-right regional minister, under which Jews would have to register with the authorities to buy Kosher meat.

Gottfried Waldhaust of the Freedom Party, who is responsible for animal welfare in the state of Lower Austria, is considering the step as part of a drive to curb ritual butchering without anaesthesia.

“This registration is a reminder of the darkest chapter of our history” said Christian Kern, a former Chancellor. He was referring to the registration of Austria’s Jewish population shortly after the 1938 annexation by Nazi Germany.

Please continue to pray fervently for Israel and its people. They are suffering from the affects of the continuous rocket bombardment from Gaza, and the many earthquakes in the Galilee region.

Pray for the IDF and IAF as they defend the boarders and continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.