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David Hoyle
News from Israel - November 2017
Supporting Israel

News comes this week of a plan for peace with Israel promoted by Saudi Arabia. his is described as a hush hush document which includes a road map to end Middle East conflict. The Saudi's are preparing to make peace with Israel if American pressure can be put on their arch-enemy Iran.

News of this initiative was leaked to a Lebanese newspaper last week and a further leak suggested that Israel and Saudi Arabia were prepared to exchange intelligence to use against Iran. This was confirmed by Israel's Army Chief Lt General Gadi Eisenkov. He stated that under Trump there was an opportunity to form a new international alliance in the Middle East. He went on to say that a plan was needed to stop the Iranian threat.

This rush of news comes as reports come in that Donald Trump and his advisors are currently drafting an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. Mr Netanyahu is said to be 'stunned' that the Saudis are backing it. Further news from Washington suggested that the plan might be finalised in framework form early in 2018.

Are we headed for the confirmation of a peace plan as indicated in Daniel 9:27, if so the Lords return would seem very near.

Bradford - A Labour councillor has resigned because of anti-Semitism in the party. Naveeda Ikrom resigned following the shortlisting of Nasreen Khan for her seat, despite Ms Khan notifying the party of Khan's anti-Semite online activities. Nasreen khan made it to a shortlist of two for a safe seat on Bradford Council. Either this was an horrendous error of judgement or they didn't know and are appallingly incompetent it was said.

Zimbabwe - The tiny Jewish community in the country have been advised to stay indoors following the military coup. Israel's ambassador in South Africa is in constant communication with them. All appears to be safe. There are currently 170 Jews and Israelis in the country, 108 living in Harare, 64 live in Bulawayo and despite their numbers manage to form a minyah on Friday nights.

Prince Charles - was criticised this week when it emerged he once blamed "the influx of foreign Jews" for causing unrest in the Middle East. He also urged America to "take on the Jewish lobby".

Charles wrote to the explorer Laurens Van der Post after returning from a visit to Saudi Arabia with Princess Diana. On his way home he wrote "I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all Semitic people and it is the influx of foreign and European Jews (especially Poland they say) who have caused great problems".

Earthquake - The recent Iran/Iraq earthquake which killed 400 people was felt throughout central Israel.

Israel has offered aid to the victims to show its commitment to friendship with the people of these two countries, despite activities of their governments. The quake was also felt on Israel's Mediterranean coast.

Immigration - Jewish immigration from Russia to Israel increased in 2017 and more than doubled from Turkey. Head of the Jewish Agency Natan Shoransky said policies limiting personal freedom in Russia under Mr Putin contributed to the increase. Isaiah 43:5-6.

Euro Officials - Seven European officials seeking to visit Palestine prisoners have been barred from Israel because of their efforts to promote boycotts of Israel.

Chile - A Presidential Candidate has called Israel "a threat to world peace" and to the survival of the Arab people, particularly the Palestinians. He will, if elected, review relations with Israel he said.

Priti Patel - has fallen victim to the political assassins in the Arabist Foreign Office. These Anti-Semites along with a Senior  Minister have been trying for some time to deal with the 'Priti problem'. Priti Patel sough to change the culture of her department and tackled the problem of foreign aid being used to pay pensions to the families of so-called martyrs. She fought against years of bias against Israel.

Her desire to aid Syrian refugees being treated in an Israeli field hospital on the Golan Heights and thus visiting the area, described as occupied territory by our wretched Government led to her downfall. No doubt she was naive but she was almost certainly 'set up'. The Foreign Office knew of her visit but later lied about their knowledge! It seems that we cannot funnel aid to Syrian refugees through Israel but can pass aid to support terrorism to the Palestinians.

Thank God there are some like Ms Patel who are willing to take on the liberal, metropolitan elite. One source said "Priti weighs up what is right, what is wrong and then takes a decision". We could do with more like her. God will bless her for seeking to bless Israel. Genesis 12:3.

Balfour Declaration - The declaration can be summed up by a headline in the Jewish Chronicle, "Balfour gave hope not just to Jews but to mankind"! Since 1917 Israel has won wars in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 and has achieved acclaim for its expertise in many fields. You have only to look at the high number of Nobel Prize winners in most fields to see that they are greatly gifted and blessed by God.

They have made the desert blossom, filled the face of the earth with fruit, returned and are returning from North, South, East and West. Isaiah 27:6. 35:1 & 43:5-6.

God has and will bless them and it is our privilege  to support them, speak out for them and not least to ask the Lord to reveal Himself to them that "All Israel will be saved", one day they will. Zech 8:23.

May God bless you and may He bless Israel, He Will!