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Bible Prophecy
Older Philippines Photos
One of the first trips
Following the
Devasting Hurricane in
Dec 13
The opening of the IDF
Field Hospital in Bogo City
Many saved and baptised in January 2014
Police Officers saved on
Mission trip
Children hear the Good News
And fed
Pastor Larry Peras and Family.
His 5 yr old daughter Jelyca
(On knee) has heart condition
Please Pray.
The new Church in Dipilog which Pastor Larry
Is supervising. The old Church was bulldozed
To make room for a new road.
Church building on the  Island of
Mindanao with Pastor Ariel
More work ongoing in Mindanao

Brother Renato and Bible School students on a mission into the Mountain region of Missamiz Occidental where they will meet with two of the local tribes - Mount Malindang and Mount Gandawan. It is a three hour, hard walk up into the Mountains. They use a solar powered projector system o be able to show the “Jesus film” to all The people. May 2016.

Pastor Renato & Sister Nelia Marry.
21st February 2017