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Bible Prophecy Foundation Older Philippines Photos

Brother Renato and Bible School students on a mission into the Mountain region of Missamiz Occidental where they will meet with two of the local tribes - Mount Malindang and Mount Gandawan. It is a three hour, hard walk up into the Mountains. They use a solar powered projector system o be able to show the “Jesus film” to all The people. May 2016.

Pastor Renato & Sister Nelia Marry. Congratulations!! 21st February 2017

In April we featured some examples of folk being rehoused. One was of Lydia Legaspi who has a cleft palate; she was rehoused in March. Pastor Ariel had taken her to a clinic on another island earlier in the year to have treatment but there were complications. Here is a recent picture of her receiving rice and other groceries for her family. She is now (7th July) in Dipolog City to have treatment for her palate.