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Click on pictures for full stories IN THE NEWS!! Why should we support Israel? Archived News YOU NEED JESUS! Hanukkah holds hidden secrets to  end-time prophecy Mark Of The Beast Technologies  On The Rise Reshaping Europe - Influx Of Mideast  Migrants Brings New Era Of  Anti-Semitism April 19: Temple Of Baal In New York &  London Is Going Up On Significant Day Judgement Day - Will The US Turn  It's Back On Israel At Friday's UN Vote? The LORD is Near. Now is the day of Salvation Repent and Believe in Jesus Christ UN Rejects Israels Claim To Golan  Heights As Top Rabbis Await  The Messiah North Korea An Overlooked Player In  Mideast Threat Landscape 50,000 Gazan Youth Attend Hamas  Summer  Camps; Prepare For Jihad &  Martyrdom New Obama Executive Order Hints  at Devastating Space Event 5 Urgent Warnings From Big Banks  that the "Economy Has Gone Suicidal" Russia Prepares For War Fastest Growing Churches Teach  Literal Interpretation Of The Bible India Takes Drastic Move  Toward Cashless Society Magog Alliance Rising -  Turkey Shifts To Russian Alliance The Nations Plot In Vain - Leaked Draft  Of Paris Peace Conference Revealed Syria And The End Times Rise Of The Sultan: Turks Vote to  Give Away Their Democracy The Return Of Ahmadinejad Could  trigger Deeper Middle East Conflict Israel Grapples With Iran's Growing  Military Presence In Syria Israel Enraged By 'Delusional' UNESCO  Declaring Tomb of Patriarchs Palestinian Technology In Place For Bible's  'Mark Of The Beast' New Push For EU Superstate Army Why Study Bible Prophecy In 2019? No Place To Hide: DHS' New HART  Database Uses Scars, Tattoos,  & Voice ID Signs Of The Times? Earthquake  Swarms Hit Multiple Regions Older but interesting News The Religion Of Climate Change &  The New Doomsday Scenario UN Expert Calls For Action Against Religions  That Don't Embrace LGBT Rights Growing Calls For One World Government  In Response To Virus Outbreak

How The Coronavirus Sets The Stage

For The End Times

The Great Reset